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Looking to turn your garage into an ADU (additional dwelling unit) is a great way to supplement your income. But if you live in California you need to know about the California Energy Commission. They changed the regulatory energy code in May 2019 that affects every new house built going forward. All new residential buildings must include a solar panel system with an equal electrical output to theresidence annual electrical usage.

What is The California Energy Code?

California created its own Code of Regulations, separate from national regulations. The codes regulate energy efficiency standards statewide. Your local government agencies may choose to adopt and enforce these regulations. These codes apply to additions, alterations, repairs, and new buildings (including Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs) under three stories. They help regulate how much energy buildings are allowed to consume.

What does this mean for me?

Let the experts at MH Electric guide you through the regulatory hassle and make sure you are always compliant with all regulations. If you are just remodeling your bathroom or building a new front deck, they won’t affect you. Even if you decide to add a pool to your backyard, they won’t affect you. BUT…

If you’re adding a granny flat, the codes will affect your new flat if it’s separate from your established residence. The California Energy Codes won’t affect your flat if it’s attached to your established residence.

Where do I put the solar panels for maximum utilization?

The roof is usually the area on your property that provides the greatest access to sunlight. If your property has an abundance of land, you can install the solar panels facing the sun without any obstructions. It also depends on the direction your roof or property face as the sun rises east to west. Let the experts at MH Electric make sure your ADU or granny flat is up to date with current regulations in your area such as Van Nuys, Panorama City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana and other areas in the San Fernando Valley.

When planning your ADU project make sure you include an experienced electrical contractor to make sure that you are not hit with any unexpected problems when a renter or family member moves in. The experts at MH Electric can go over your existing electrical layout and give you a recommendation for installing electrical in your ADU. We specialize in accessory dwelling electrical work. We offer free estimates and guarantee all our work.

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