How do Surge Protectors work?

The advance of today’s modern world has brought about man’s desire to live life easier through the use of technology. Inside a common household, you will often see a handful of electrical outlets here and there, fixated in the most convenient areas where an electrical source of power is of high necessity, such as in personal work areas, living rooms, bed rooms, and even kitchens! You might also see power strips and extensions that permit electricity flow from a source, but, have you ever wondered what would happen if suddenly there is a lightning strike, or if a high voltage surge is present? Without a doubt, those instances could lead to a series of potentially harmful and even, life-threatening effects. Surely, one would not wish for their electric appliances get fried! That’s hundreds of dollars simply going down the drain.

Fortunately, there is this certain equipment that can be of aid in preventing these unprecedented electrical mishaps– a surge protector! According to Brennan Electric in 2020, “A surge protector is more than just a power strip to give you additional useable outlets; it is an affordable way to protect your electronics from random power surges that can cause permanent electrical damage.” Indeed, just as the name suggests, this protects your electrical appliances from being exposed to very high voltage surges. Is it your first time hearing what a surge protector is? Don’t you worry! We got you covered. As previously mentioned, this equipment serves its purpose, mainly for maintenance and protection; however, don’t get confused! A surge protector is definitely different from you typical power outlet, and, truth be told; not all electrical appliances come with a surge protector. Similarly, a surge protector is likely to be purchased separately, as standard equipment when one is assembling a computer system. Aside from its offered protection from uncertain power spikes or surges of voltage, they also permit you to maximize your power outlets well, as this allows you to plug more components in a singular outlet, without much worry of it potentially causing harm.

A Deep Probe

The whole concept of surge protectors, its served functionality, and advantages may easily come clear to us even at the first time hearing about it. As simple as it may appear at initial glance, is it important to look into it with a much deeper understanding, for us to identify and assess what comprises this equipment that could be the savior of your favorite electronics from any impending doom that may be caused by unwanted voltage spikes and surges. Now, let us dig deeper on how this wonderful device works! To cut the chase simply, a s surge protector works by drawing current from an outlet, and, subsequently passing it onto the multiple devices linked to the surge protector. One essential component of a surge protector is a metal oxide varistor, also known as MOV. This component is responsible for diverting any extra voltage to all connected devices, while of course, ensuring that all of them receive equal and consistent power levels. The metal oxide varistor works quite similar to a pressure-sensitive valve. Meaning to say, when the MOV spots unwanted high voltage levels, likened to voltage surges, it, then, experiences a subsequent decrease in resistance. While on the other hand, its resistance increases when voltage levels are too low. Hence, it will activate automatically to redirect excess voltage. The way MOV works coincides with its three subparts: metal oxide, and two semiconductors. Metal oxide– this is linked to your power and grounding lines. How exactly is metal oxide linked to those lines? Well, it is through the two semiconductors. In which, semiconductors are known to have variable resistance, which is the primary driving force of the electrons present to be in certain motions, especially when extremely low or high voltage is found. Which in turn, causes the changes in its resistance. With this information at hand, it also manifests that your surge protectors won’t work for a lifetime, just as everything has its specific lifespan. While for a certain period they might provide close to adequate protection, in time, its durability wears off, and eventually won’t work anymore once it has been used to its maximum potential. Even so, surge protectors have proven themselves to be vital in maintaining your loved gadgets and electronics in pristine and fully-working conditions.

Why You Should Definitely Get a Surge Protector

As many things may happen in a blink of an eye, even without warning, it is of utmost importance that we remain prepared for what unexpected mishaps may happen and potentially cause greater harm than any ounce of good. With this in mind, and with the awareness that most of us rely on the existence and functionality offered by our gadgets, it is undoubted that these serve such a great purpose, at the expense of a great deal of money for it, too. With the value it possesses, it is only right that we protect these high-cost gadgets through the use of a surge protector installed in our own homes– it would really be a game-changing decision. As such gadgets tend to get more expensive as time passes, it is highly important that surge protectors would be used alongside them, for sure, these devices would greatly benefit from the protection it offers. Yet again, it truly is better to be safe than sorry. To substantiate the aforementioned statement, First Energy in 2021 mentioned the great importance of getting your electronics protected by these amazing devices, “Today’s modern appliances and electronic devices are much more sensitive than they used to be, and any electronic device plugged into a power outlet is susceptible to severe damage. That is why to protect electronics from power surges and spikes; it’s necessary to use a surge protector.” With that being said, there’s no harm in trying this device out for the sake of preserving our gadgets! Be safe. Get a surge protector. Be competent in the fast-changing modern world! MH Electric is here to help you choose the best surge protector for your home or office. Our expert technicians help protect local Panorama City home from a sudden voltage surge, protecting your family and valuable appliances from damage. Reach out to us today (818) 667-3030 and one of our experts will get back to you for a consultation!

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