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Apartments & Condos EV Chargers

We have the skills and ties with city inspectors in Los Angeles to make the installation of an EV charger go more smoothly in apartment and condo buildings. We can help you get through the red tape and work with your HOA, property manager or your city utility company to get your EV charger installed

There are several issues that can make installing an electric car charger for your apartment or condo more difficult than installing one for a single family home. HOAs are only now beginning to develop rules and restrictions for the installation of electric vehicle chargers. Municipalities are only now beginning to inspect the installation of electric vehicle chargers. There’s a chance you’ll have to deal with an inspector or property manager who will make getting an EV charger installed for your electric vehicle difficult. That’s where MH Electric’s professionals come in. In the Los Angeles area, MH Electric is one of the top rated installers of EV chargers in homes, businesses, condos, and apartments.

There are several things to consider when installing an EV charger in an apartment or condo

  • Location of electrical panel
  • Where do you park your vehicle?
  • Property manager and HOA’s

Where is your electrical panel located?

You must locate the electrical panel in your apartment or condominium. In certain flats and condos, you may not be able to see your primary panel. Sub panels are seen in certain apartments and condos. Check to see whether your panel has any additional space once you’ve located it. EV chargers, like your washing machine or electric range, require a dedicated circuit to operate. Take a photo of your panel if you’re not sure if it can accommodate a new circuit so you can show it to your electrician. They should be able to tell if your panel can manage the additional strain based on the photo.

Where is your Electric Vehicle parked?

Once you’ve located your electric panel, you’ll need to determine the distance between it and where you’ll be parking your car. The cord that extends from the charger to plug into your car is included with Level 2 EV Chargers. These ropes can be as long as 20 feet, but others are shorter. The distance between your panel and where you park your EV can help you estimate the cost of installing an EV charger.

Property Managers and HOA’s Approval

When you find out where your panel is and how far it is to where you park your electric vehicle you can now talk to your property manager or HOA. Hopefully, your property manager or landlord is already experienced with installing electric vehicle chargers. If they are not we will be happy to walk them through the process. You might be asked by your landlord, HOA or property manager to provide the following to get your EV charger installed:

  • – A licensed electrician to do the work
  • – A UL listed EV Charger
  • – A City Permit – Permits are required for any changes or alterations to buildings in the city
  • – A Site Plan or a Plot Plan – Usually this is an architectural plan, and a detailed engineering diagram showing proposed improvements to a lot of land
  • – A Load Schedule – A document that shows the power that is being used at your residence
  • – A Single-Line Diagram – This is a simple diagram showing where power is going

When it comes to installing an EV charger in your apartment or condo, there are a few things to think about. HOA and property manager standards can be complicated and time-consuming. Fortunately, the professionals at MH Electric can assist you. For years, we’ve been putting EV chargers in apartment buildings and condos. We have the skills and ties with city inspectors to make the installation of an EV charger a breeze for you. Get a free estimate for your EV charger installation by calling us today.

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