WATCH OUT: Warning Signs that your Home is in need of an Electrical Repair

In your very own household, it is not a rare sight to see a couple of electrical appliances all around! Especially nowadays, technology is one of the driving forces of a productive, progressive, and ever-changing modern society. Your electrical devices may be in the form of refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, and, may we not forget the several electrical outlets and sources of power present in our very own homes! All of these constitute the various electricity-wielding devices in our homes, which, of course, highly contribute to our quality of life. In spite of the myriad of benefits and advantages these electrical devices provide us with, they, too, have their own limitations. We won’t always find our electrical devices in the best shape, especially after a lot of wear and tear over the course of time. Many signs arise that manifest the need to attend to various concerns with regard to the condition of our electrical devices. May it be your lights simply flickering, burnt odor, blown fuses, or electrical extensions not working properly– these few examples manifest electrical irregularities in your household. With this in mind, the best way to avoid an electrical hazard in your home is to be aware of its presence. You should be able to identify a problem before it gets out of hand, so make sure you understand the warning signs. These could save you from potentially hazardous risks. With this at hand, here are some common signs that we must identify at once, as these denote that we may be experiencing electrical issues in our houses.




  1. Smelling odd, burnt odor – Have you experienced smelling something burnt in the house? No, this doesn’t coincide when you are preparing food, but, simply, smelling this burnt odor at very unexpected times. In some cases, newly installed appliances may emit an unusual odor, but, this doesn’t account for those that have been installed properly, for this may be a sign of a burnt fuse or electrical panel. The best course of action to take is to identify exactly where the odor is coming from, then, contact your local electricians to attend to your concerns.


  1. Sparking electrical outlets – This sign requires immediate attention, as some may know, that even the smallest sparks may be the reason for fire outbreaks. Hence, it is truly better to be safe than sorry! Once you see your electrical outlets sparking out of nowhere, this simply shows that it is perhaps broken, and is in dire need of repairing or replacing.


  1. Lights flickering on and off – Though this sign may be seen during electrical fluctuations, this may manifest different signs of irregularities and instabilities. Flickering lights can indicate a loose connection or be caused by faulty light fixtures. If the flicker is coming from your ceiling lights or recessed cans, it means that something is wrong with your home’s electrical system, and must be attended to by your local electrician to resolve the problem.


  1. Overheating electrical outlets – Though electrical outlets and switches do have a high tendency to exhibit “warm-to-the-touch” temperature, when this all happens too often, or, for instance, overheating occurs, this is a very evident sign that something may be burning from within the electrical devices’ circuit. Switches that become hot to the touch aren’t necessarily a good thing. If you notice a switch in your home that feels like it’s about to melt, the circuit it controls is most probably on fire. This can happen when a circuit has too much current flowing through it, which can be caused by an electrical problem or simply overheating from normal use.


  1. Frayed electrical wiring – Frayed electrical wirings are pure signs of damage, which in turn, may end up being potentially hazardous. When damaged electrical wiring gets in contact with anything that may cause it to spark and continuously burn, this is where things may get out of hand and become extremely dangerous. This is usually caused by rodents, mostly rats, which chew on the wires of our electrical devices. With that, it is of utmost importance to always inspect if the electrical wirings in your household are fully intact and free of damage. If otherwise, it is best to replace or repair these wires with the assistance of your local electrical contractors to ensure.


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At times, we may dismiss small damages and instabilities we can spot in our own households as something “not too serious.” However, the dismissive attitude and unwillingness to take action may truly lead to a lot of consequences in the long run. No one wants their safety to be put at risk, but, it requires a great deal of effort to ensure that all electrical devices are well-maintained and intact. Knowing when a home electrical repair is required can help you avoid danger. Knowing what to look for in electrical repairs will help support you in identifying potential problems with your home’s electrical system. It also aids in the prevention of future problems, which is why knowing how to identify these warning signs is crucial. Never forget to be vigilant and responsible, as these help us identify emerging problems in our own homes. Finally, if you notice any of these signs in your home, you must act quickly. You can prevent massive damage or injury by acting before something bad happens. If you have any questions about how to repair an electrical problem or need other home maintenance advice, contact MH Electric in Panorama City today to get your concern attended to! Let us all live our best lives safely while enjoying the benefits of living in this day of modern-aged society.

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